We are the new Bovil. Where B2B works

Today’s B2B landscape remains very dynamic. Markets are changing. Techniques evolve and improve continuously. And as a B2B agency, 2018 was also a very dynamic year full of changes for us. All year long, we worked very hard behind the scenes on our new positioning and how to share it with the world. Not that we didn’t know who we are, on the contrary. But what is the best way to get our positioning out? How do we make all the things we do less complex and tell our story in a simple way? That was the big challenge we faced last year.

Now the time has come: we’re done. Our story is finished and with our new positioning in place, we thought it was the right moment to change the face of Bovil – with a new house style. One that fits Bovil in the year 2019. This new website is the first milestone and the first place – besides of the interior of our agency – where it really comes to life. And we’re very happy with that!

See you soon at the new Bovil?