Content marketing: hero, hub & hygiene

The 3H (or hero, hub, hygiene) model was originally developed by Google and helps to deploy content strategically over a schedule. According to this model, three types of content are required for a good content strategy: hero content, hub content and hygiene content.


Hero content is based on an important or high-profile topic. It is used to put across an overarching message in a powerful and inspirational way. The goal is to create awareness. It could be for a product launch, but also a philosophy or other theme. Hero content should inspire people, so we place most emphasis on our Trigger component.


The hub content goes deeper into the topic that is central to the hero content. It deals with the various subjects and angles and goes into greater depth. The content is fascinating, valuable and informative. Think of testimonials, newsletters or a monthly vlog or webinar. Where hero content makes the statement, hub content is focused on credibility and ensures that customers feel connected to your brand. More Fit so, somewhat less Trigger.


This form of content is about the deeper, underlying information that relates to a product, service or organisation. The evidence for the claims that are highlighted in hero and hub content. It is often functional information that the consumer searches for themselves (brochures, leaflets, white papers, infographics). Hygiene content is always present to help or advise clients where necessary and is the foundation of your communication strategy. The Fit component has greater emphasis here.