Simplicity = complexity mastered.
Think it simple.

Complexity slows things down.
Think it simple.

Complexity is the enemy of action.
Think it simple.

Lose everything you don't need.
Think it simple.

Any fool can make something complicated.
Think it simple.

Complicated is expensive.
Think it simple.

De-clutter your marketing.
Think it simple.

Making things difficult is quite simple.
Making things simple, on the other hand, is quite difficult.
Think it simple

Embrace complexity but simplify.
Think it simple.

Social Media workshop; Content remains king. But you have to deal with it in a smart way

By: Maleka Bakhshi

Social media is a constant part of our lives. We scroll through LinkedIn, post updates on Twitter, share moments on Instagram and Facebook, and are fully informed about everything and everyone, both in business and in private. If you use social media for business purposes, it is particularly smart to go into this in more detail. Because what are you posting? Is there a plan behind it? Which content is interesting, and which is not? How do you set up a smart campaign? Which channels do you choose and why? And there are countless more questions that you should consider when creating content for social media. One thing is certain: content will remain king. But you have to deal with it in a smart way. Bovil cuts through the complexity of how to use content and social media in a smart way through the workshops that we organise.

Creating good and relevant content is something that’s been out there for a long time. Only the medium has changed – from newspapers and magazines to radio and TV to websites and social media. Since 2004, content marketing has become increasingly popular, with a significant increase happening in 2011 and 2012. And today, content marketing is now the most popular form of marketing, used by 91% of B-to-B marketers and 86% of B -to-C-marketers. It is therefore expected that – certainly also given the current social media landscape – content will only become more important.

Bovil organises workshops in order to give customers the tools they need to deal with content marketing, developing it and making smart use of social media. During these workshops, we will consider, among other things, three components that play an important role in a solid plan for content marketing and social media: content strategy, campaign strategy and channel strategy. The purpose of these workshops? Gaining new insights, discussing the current state of social media and content, and determining points for improvement. Ultimately, we come up with a plan to use content marketing and social media better and smarter for your brand or organisation.

Content strategy
What type of content should you develop? That is of course the question that is at the top of any list of many marketeers. There is no clear answer to that. What is important is to have insight into how (certain) content has an impact on your marketing strategy. For example, content can be used in an educational way, contribute to brand awareness, complement paid media, become even more effective when you combine it with smart SEO strategies, and can be used as sales material. In short: numerous possibilities, which are valuable to reflect on this during a workshop.

Campaign strategy
Content is one thing, setting up a campaign is another. If you want to set up a successful campaign, first it is important to consider algorithms on social media. Each social media channel selects content based on a number of universal components. And that selection is what the users of a particular social media channel will see. In addition, you will need to gain insight into where and how your target group consumes that content. In developing successful campaigns, it is also important to consider the ratio between organic and paid content. It is also advisable to consider the KPIs that you want to achieve with your social media campaign. Once you’ve done all that, you’re good to go.

Channel strategy
Which channels are relevant now for your brand or organisation? That depends entirely on what your goal is, and what type of content is available to use. Each social media channel has its own best practices. They all differ from each other, which makes it so interesting and important to use and coordinate the (content on) different channels. For example, you can choose Instagram or YouTube for inspiration, interaction or entertainment, and opt for LinkedIn if you want to focus more on information, education, substantive content. Do you want to strike up more interaction and conversation with your target group? Then Twitter or Facebook offer a solution. In short: each channel has its advantages and added value, depending on the content you post there for your followers. And we cover that extensively during our workshops.

Want to know more?
During our content marketing and social media workshops, all these matters (and more) are discussed in detail. We stimulate the conversation with challenging questions and engage in discussions together, in order to gain useful and valuable insights. Those insights will then help your brand or organisation to establish itself strongly on the most appropriate social media channels. The first workshops, with and for customers, have already taken place and were received very enthusiastically and successfully.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of our content marketing and social media workshops for your brand or organisation? Email [email protected] and we’ll make an appointment!