Simplicity = complexity mastered.
Think it simple.

Complexity slows things down.
Think it simple.

Complexity is the enemy of action.
Think it simple.

Lose everything you don't need.
Think it simple.

Any fool can make something complicated.
Think it simple.

Complicated is expensive.
Think it simple.

De-clutter your marketing.
Think it simple.

Making things difficult is quite simple.
Making things simple, on the other hand, is quite difficult.
Think it simple

Embrace complexity but simplify.
Think it simple.

Calling studio talent!

That’s right! We’re looking for new studio talent! Are you that creative and flexible studio type who knows how to advance concepts, campaigns, or briefings like no other? Who doesn’t shy away from challenging deadlines? And who also has specific skills? Then we’re looking for you!

Whether you’re a true Photoshop pro, a smart InDesign ninja or that expert editor who knows all the ins and outs of Premiere and AfterEffects, that doesn’t matter. As long as you’re familiar with everything from Adobe Creative Suite and are not afraid to take your skills to the next level. In fact, you’ll already have at least one skill that will add value to our team. You’ll also enjoy working with colleagues who can take you further, and collaborating with account, strategy and creation is never a problem for you. Moreover, you have a great affinity with digital and social media, which hold no secrets for you.

What you will bring to us:

  • You are fully aware of the ins and outs of Adobe Creative Suite. Moreover, you have a certain skill that can add value to our team
  • You develop graphic concepts and sketches into realistic end products
  • You know how to make working drawings independently
  • You are aware of what is going on in the field of digital and social media and you also integrate that knowledge into your work
  • You carry out the preparation of products independently
  • You don’t just execute jobs, but also think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it
  • You take responsibility for your work and regularly consult with account and creation about the progress of your work
  • You are responsible for quality – even under time pressure
  • You understand deadlines and the fluctuating workloads associated with them
  • You have a flexible work attitude
  • You work accurately, think along and are proactive

What we offer you:

  • A competitive salary
  • A friendly team with fun company outings and Friday afternoon drinks
  • Free coffee and tea, ánd sandwich of the month every last Friday of each month 😉
  • An office space in the famous Klokgebouw, in the most vibrant place in Eindhoven: Strijp-S
  • Travel allowance
  • 27 vacation days

Job requirements:

  • Minimum MBO work and thinking level and graphic vocational training
  • School leavers or experience in a similar position in the industry are both possible.

Sounds good? Then email your CV and motivation letter to Cristina right away at [email protected] and we’ll make an appointment. See you soon!